Sport and the blockchain

POWER’D is a team of sports professionals, global digital, media and entertainment leaders, and blockchain, technical and market experts who are dedicated to bringing the innovation of the blockchain to sport. From tokens to NFTs, asset-based gaming and DAOs, we are deep believers in the power of the blockchain to transform and amplify sport.

Event tokens

As live event promoters look to uncover new revenue sources — especially after the strains brought about by COVID-19 — event tokens provide a way to drive increase onsite sales as well as offsite engagement. Powerd’s event tokens provide a platform that represents real vested value.

Fan Collectibles 

The compelling success of NBA Topshot has provided a clear glimpse of the engagement and revenue potential of mass market collectibles and elaborates why Fan Collectibles offer so much more — in every dimension — from traditional trading cards. At POWER’D we focus on creativity in product and excellence in user experience as paramount in reaching scaled ambitions.


Authentic digital masterpieces delivered through curated NFT marketplaces bring rights holders, creators and fans closer together. Partnering with the likes of Nelson Mandela Foundation, the photographers of National Geographic, and legends like Dan Carter (All Blacks legend and Rugby World Cup winner) and Steve Smith (the best cricket batsmen since Don Bradman), our sister company Glorious Digital creates museum-worthy NFTs that will resonate for generations. 

Creative Collectibles

If Fan Collectibles and Masterpieces are tightly defined, Creative Collectibles represent the other extreme with content, context and storylines a fully open book whether tied to events, teams, players, locales or just the blood, sweat and tears of sport. POWER’D partnerships across our ecosystem of creative firms bring the best in creative strategies to these wide-open spaces.


The metaverse is growing by the minute and sport can’t afford to stand back. Through our partnership with Altered State Machines we are taking gaming to the next level. Unique NFT players are designed with a range of movement and capability to enable realistic play, each with their own AI-based NFT brain, open to be trained and conditioned for autonomous play, and enabling fans to be player, coach, team, and owner.


In addition to operating on blockchains that use proof of stake to minimise energy consumption, we offer certified CO2 credits that can be applied to each transaction, yielding a carbon net negative outcome.

We take data stewardship very seriously. In addition to ensuring the security of our customer data and compliance with the law and best practice, we share all data about their fans with our clients, user permitting.

People. Partners. Power’d.

Leagues, codes, and events that bring the most compelling continuum of experiences to their fans are building and executing on groundbreaking digital and NFT strategies. Power’d supports those strategies through our platforms and key partnerships.

The Team

Power’d is digital to its core, with seasoned and savvy sports professionals providing unique insights and experience to a global ecosystem of blockchain enterprises that maximise value of NFT and blockchain-based products.

The core team, investors, and advisors, connect with local and global sport at every level and on every aspect. This unique team understands sports and events from on the pitch to representation and administration, through design, product, digital, marketing, events, sponsorship, licensing, commercial, legal and regulatory and compliance.

Our technology depth combines world-class full stack teams in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada — including appropriate regulatory expertise and guidance.

Glorious is the collectibles home for leaders like National Geographic and Dan Carter. Through Glorious, codes and leagues offer highly-curated market-leading collectibles experiences representing legends, iconic moments, classic series, tributes, and causes.

The Power’d Fan Collectibles platform harnesses Dapper Labs’ FLOW blockchain. The Vancouver-based team is led by acknowledged groundbreakers and delivered by a team of the very best full-stack development and UX expertise, supplemented by an onshore team in Australia and New Zealand.

Our tokens are delivered by Centrality’s carbon-positive CENNZnet blockchain, supported by the Centrapass / Sylo development team and deployment stack.

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